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Reselling domain names 

The hosting solutions aid at building the presence of the client’s presence in connection with the cloud, reselling the domain names as well as the hosting pertaining to website. This could be carried out through the dedicated servers in addition to the cloud based virtual servers. The client cold be hosting the equipment of their own in association with the leading data centres present in New Zealand. 

Virtualization category 

The virtual private server is also called VPS, it perform in the form of an isolated environment of virtual category in connection with the physical server. This is owned as well as controlled by the cloud or the web hosting extender. It may be kept in sight that the VPS hosting operates on the basis of virtualization category of hosting with the aim to cause splitting up of the single machine having physical form into numerous server based environments that are responsible for sharing the resources. 

Scalable virtual environment 

The wholesale virtual server hosting dealer claim strongly that thy would be working with their client in connection with designing robust, the professional as well as highly scalable sort of the virtual environment that is construed to be housing all of the essential services in order to cause the operation pertaining to the hosting business.  

Technical assistance 

Generally, the client would be asking for the provision of managerial service from the wholesaler, this could be inclusive of the provision of technical assistance regarding the matter that the client is unable to resolve as far as the in-house relates. The wholesaler would appear to be specialist at Linux/apache/PHP and the experience of the wholesaler in managing such framework allow them at the provision of exceptional category of technical support in order to ascertain that the client could support their own clients in connection with their enquiries. 

Primary & secondary mail servers 

The wholesale virtual server hosting pertaining to the typical sort would be comprising the web server in addition to the combined category of secondary name regarding server as well as secondary mail category of server. These are operative in connection with separate geographic locations. The web server is associated with doubling as the primary name based server in addition to the primary mail category of server.  


The wholesale network connections could comprise the merits which may be found in the following content: network transport: the data could be optimized and the transported onto the network and this could be carried out through the application of the optic fibre technology.  

Full support 

In connection with the feature of internet access, it could be noted with insight that the client would be requiring the fibre pertaining to reliable category in association with the internet regarding the customers. Further, the wholesale category regarding the solutions for the internet access would be there to provide full support to their client so that could in turn provide full support to their clients on the other side.  

Fibre optic  

Then we talk on the virtual ISP, there are some companies such as the fibre optic technology that boasts of being the providers for the virtual ISP. Their services could be comprehended to be highly dependable, greatly scalable in addition to extending the secure solutions based on the back-office element. This provision of technical aid would be keeping the clients connected and thus maintaining their traffic throughout. 

Video solution 

The wholesale network solutions could s well comprise the provision of the video services at the wholesale platform. The wholesaler, such as fibre optic, could be providing the video solution belonging to the end to end category that is desired on the ort of the customers. 

Switching services 

In addition, the dedicated Australian companies dealing in wholesale networking solutions do maintain that they are in strong position to make provision regarding the simple, the efficient in addition to the cost effective switching services in connection with the hosted voice technology. 

Reliable & fast 

The customer remain connected over thousands of long miles once the wholesale network solutions come into play through reliable as well, as fast companies. This happens based on the network span of the optic fibre technology.  

Aid to carriers 

The network companies maintain that they do provide aid to the carriers in addition to the companies in conjunction with achieving their connectivity objectives through the provision of the state of art wholesale networking solutions with respect to the end users, irrespective of their location. 


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