Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Y to ICS Android 4.0.3

Upgrading Samsung Galaxy Y to ICS may be older now. So why not upgrade it to Android 4.3. We will come up soon with Samsung Galaxy Y upgrade to Android 4.3. Till then, enjoy the guide below for upgrading to Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to  Android ICS.

So, Samsung Galaxy Y Users who wish for the ubiquitous Android ICS do not have to wait any longer. Donor Malcellp, and Motafoca, Psyke83 and Madteam from XDA Developers have brought out this modified ROM that supports Samsung Galaxy Y. Be aware that this ROM is not meant for duos. You should also have ClockWork recovery installed. (Click here to know how to Root your Samsung Galaxy Y and install ClockWorkMod Recovery)

Following is the ICS ROM that you need to download first:

Download ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y

Steps to install:

  1. Copy Downloaded ICS ROM onto SD Card root folder
  2. Start Recovery Mount: You can start recovery by switching off your device and switching it back on while pressing either the Vol Up or Vol Down button. This depends on the device and the Clockwork Mod version installed.
  3. In Clock Work recovery, Open Mount and Storage
  4. Mount System
  5. Wipe Data
  6. Choose the Copied ICS ROM from SD card
You are ready to enjoy ICS on your Galaxy Y. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our expert,  Andy.

Some goodies, DOs and DON’ts for Galaxy Y

An update from Andy:

Dear Readers,

Based, on the numerous questions regarding this upgrade, please note the following: You should have ClockWorkMod recovery installed before applying this ROM. Please ensure your phone version and the ClokWorkMod before you go ahead.

If in any case, you did not have ClockWorkMod recovery installed, it is suggested that you reboot the phone in  recovery mode.

For those facing numerous bugs due to rooting from various other websites can restore their Galaxy Y from this link and continue.


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