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Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Y to ICS Android 4.0.3

Upgrading Samsung Galaxy Y to ICS may be older now. So why not upgrade it to Android 4.3. We will come up soon with Samsung Galaxy Y upgrade to Android 4.3. Till then, enjoy the guide below for upgrading to Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to  Android ICS.

So, Samsung Galaxy Y Users who wish for the ubiquitous Android ICS do not have to wait any longer. Donor Malcellp, and Motafoca, Psyke83 and Madteam from XDA Developers have brought out this modified ROM that supports Samsung Galaxy Y. Be aware that this ROM is not meant for duos. You should also have ClockWork recovery installed. (Click here to know how to Root your Samsung Galaxy Y and install ClockWorkMod Recovery)

Following is the ICS ROM that you need to download first:

Download ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y

Steps to install:

  1. Copy Downloaded ICS ROM onto SD Card root folder
  2. Start Recovery Mount: You can start recovery by switching off your device and switching it back on while pressing either the Vol Up or Vol Down button. This depends on the device and the Clockwork Mod version installed.
  3. In Clock Work recovery, Open Mount and Storage
  4. Mount System
  5. Wipe Data
  6. Choose the Copied ICS ROM from SD card
You are ready to enjoy ICS on your Galaxy Y. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our expert,  Andy.

Some goodies, DOs and DON’ts for Galaxy Y

An update from Andy:

Dear Readers,

Based, on the numerous questions regarding this upgrade, please note the following: You should have ClockWorkMod recovery installed before applying this ROM. Please ensure your phone version and the ClokWorkMod before you go ahead.

If in any case, you did not have ClockWorkMod recovery installed, it is suggested that you reboot the phone in  recovery mode.

For those facing numerous bugs due to rooting from various other websites can restore their Galaxy Y from this link and continue.


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139 Responses

  1. rajesh

    just wanted to mention that it takes quite sometime after reboot
    everything else is quite fine thereafter. did not face any issues still now except phone starting up pretty slow. everything else, excellent. thanks

  2. Liz colanse

    i can’t us emy camera anymore what shud i do

  3. Bipin

    my phone is not booting up after this….help me please

  4. Rohit

    sir plzz help me after applying this proccess my phone is not starting at all
    plzzz help me sir

    • rupam

      hey, even i got stuck up with this process and could not reboot my phone. however, i tried booting the phone in recovery mode and it works fine after repeating the same

  5. Rohit

    how to put he phone on recovery mode

  6. Zahabeeya

    hey my cell is nt gettin started aftr dis process..plz help me

  7. chad

    thanks you very much. I got it done. its working perfectly fine. happy to njoy my new phone

  8. muhd syamil

    how to delete

  9. plzz help when installed ics in my galaxy y duos it is not working please helpme

  10. Ariz Mendi

    hey,why clockworkmod recovery mode cannot read the ICS ROM from the SD card..many times I try but it still not working.. plz me to fix it or you can make a video ..

    • admin

      The ROM has worked properly on many Galaxy Y Devices. However, installation errors can occur. Follow FIX GALAXY Y if you wish to revert back to Original Galaxy Y Gingerbread and then try upgrading to ICS again.

  11. john

    my keyboard only show half..please help :(

  12. john

    so many bug in this ics rom..this because i wrong installation or what??
    cau u make video to me please :(

  13. james

    I need clockworkmod file .From where can i get. your link has no file .

  14. james

    first of all i should install cwm.zip,and root file then only ics rom . this is right or wrong.

  15. james

    should i uninstall all my apps from my mobile or not at first.

  16. vishal

    Can i upgarde my galaxy y duos to ics?? If yes.. Then is there any problem after rooting??? Plzz answer….

  17. eric

    hey my cp not open by pressing either vol up or vol down.. help me

  18. eric

    i already install the CWM.. but when i press vol up or vol down it doesn’t open.

  19. ill don every thing but my phone show no service n screen are not show clearly wht can i do now

    • admin

      Please restore your phone first. Search for: Unroot and fix your Galaxy Y using ODIN: Unbrick to Gingerbread

  20. Maniraj

    my phone is not even getting started….. and not displaying anything

    • admin

      Please restore your phone first. Search for: Unroot and fix your Galaxy Y using ODIN: Unbrick to Gingerbread

  21. md arfa

    pls help meeee

  22. md arfa

    can i trust u to install android 4.0 in my galaxy y its is 100/gaurenty..

    • admin

      Hi Arfa,

      I would suggest you to try the above with precaution. Any error may need you to restore your phone from here- Search for: Unroot and fix your Galaxy Y using ODIN: Unbrick to Gingerbread


  23. Wadit

    Hei , My Smartphone Wifi and Signal not started , what should i do?

  24. Willy

    hei , how to fix wifi and signal , bcause this app not started , wht should i do to fix ?

  25. sean

    pls help me. after I install the ics zip in
    recovery move I press reboot but it just
    stay in galaxy y logo till it drains. what
    can I do to fix it.

  26. nilesh

    i like it

  27. siddhant

    i want to know that will those games like temple rune,agent dash or subway surfers will work after updating to ics?

    • Hi Siddhant,

      Upgrading to ICS will only give you added features. We are sorry to say that games like temple run,agent dash or subway surfers need a lot of memeory and processing power to run which is simply not possible on Galaxy Y.

      The games will of course get installed, but due to slow processor and RAM you would be unable to play on your Galaxy Y.

      Admin Team
      Like us on Facebook – http://facebook.com/androidhardwares

  28. siddhant

    will those games work plz tell

  29. fakkar

    can i charge my fon while it stil showing samsung galaxy y

  30. George

    Hey buddy I need HELP!!! If I want my old version BACK!!! what I have to do? PLEASE answer :{

  31. George

    Thank you buddy it totaly WORKS!!! Now i can have ice cream sandwich safely :)

  32. plz…sir my mobile not start pls suggestion update ics

  33. hm raihan

    how long does it take to start the phone after upgrade??

  34. madhan

    after this process the phone only show the boot screen only…,,
    What to do After..?

  35. srikanth

    In galaxy y to istall ICS rom.. i followed your article on website.. installed Clockwork Mod Recovery v5.0.2.6 and then started recovery mount and enterd into CWM mode.. Then to mounts and storage and then had the following options.. >> mount/data, >> mount/sdcard, >> unmount/system etc.. in which of then should we enter… is it unmount/system???

  36. abhishek

    does this custom rom have any bugs…
    Coz many custom roms have some bugs like the wifi or the bluetooth is not working properly….
    So plz tell me sir that does this custom rom have any such bugs…

    • Hi Abhisek,

      Yes, the custom ROM for Galaxy Y has a few bugs. There has not been a single ICS rom for Galaxy Y without a Bug. This is simply due to the low hardware specs of Galaxy Y which is not meant for ICS. However, you are always free to try and play with new roms.

      Admin Team

  37. Perez

    please can u upload video of how to install ics in galaxy y and screen shots
    one thing also i ask u can i run angry birds, whatsapp,photo editors and operamini

    my whatsapp no.9559825752 and urs

  38. miguel

    hey when it was finished is it suppose to be a picture of a android and the inside of the phones??i thought it was bad so i took the battery out and i couldnt get out recovery mode and now i wiped data and now whenevery i turn it on its stuck on the samsung logo and i cant get to recovery mode… will the warranty work for this??i didnt root it i just installed clockworld and the android 4.0 file?

  39. Srinivas

    in ClockWorkMod –>mounts systems–>there is no ”wipe data” ????

  40. arif shaikh

    i update my phone 4.o update is but my phone dose”t start on my screen they show samsung galaxy y but not start my phone plzz feedback me fast

  41. rakesh

    thanks a ton!!!
    got my galaxy y to ics

    will wait for android 4.2 or photosphere

  42. Tanmay

    I just installed it after the 4th try, but the keyboard is cut off on the bottom! What should I do?!

  43. Sheikh

    My pics gotta blue……………..

  44. anudeep

    Thank you for sgowing a path to install ics on galaxy y… I have upgrade it and no prblm in upgrading.. But after upgrading their are few bugs like-everything appears in blue,orange and black colours, camera doesn’t work and manily my speaker is not working.. But I still luv to use it… But it would ne much better without these bugs. If you know any way to fix those bugs please reply.. Once again thank you..

  45. sourabh roy choudhary

    works fine on my sgy thanks a lot

  46. Michael Angelo Lopez

    hi,i’m michael angelo lopez and i’m looking for the custom rom of jellybean for galaxy y.My friend suggested my your website and i download the rom.After that,I start the process of doing it.I followed all of your instructions from pressing home+volume up+power button up to rebooting it.When its rebooting,I saw a sign “CYANOGEN”.I thought it will be ok because the instruction says that at first it will took long time but after that nothing happens it still rebooting and rebooting.Plsss… tell me what to do.

  47. Michael Angelo Lopez

    my phone is still rebooting.what shall I do?

  48. khanal

    after installing ics my phone is stucked at the start screen…….it can not be taken back to recovery mode……so help me what to do further???????????

  49. Md king

    My phine is nof open what I do

  50. charlster

    how much time do i wait for cynogen ? i think its stock on it ?

  51. sumit rawat

    How i can install jelly bean on our phone and some problems on my phone can u make perfect my phone from all problemsssssss……plzzzzz

  52. Anish

    hello ,admin
    after i updated to ics my phone when rebooting shows, cynogen 9
    nothing is happening . help me bro

  53. sabuj

    I do it successfully. but my network is not open. help me please

  54. manuel

    necesito ayuda con urgencia el tlfn solo me queda en el logo de samsung galaxy y gts5360L intente hacer la actualización y me salio un muñeco android alto con cara de molesto, y decia algo abajo que terminaba en mod y en el modo de recuperacion le di a para borrar los cache que era lo unico que me funcionaba, y ahora quedo asi que puedo hacer necesito cualquier ayuda con urgencia

  55. krisadhi

    why the network not working after i install it????

  56. akash

    please i have one request to u that i have micromax a57 based on 2.3.5
    gingerbread its configuration is same like samsung galaxy y we want ics on that divice we had sucessfully improved our rim but not able to update to ics because of developers so its huble request to u that plz help us
    i had a link from where u get all link of recovery,root,clokworkmod and many things but how to install this rom on our device
    https: // http://www.facebook.com / groups / ninja3Rockz/

  57. chathura

    When installing the ICM it was not worked as it mentioned above.i had to come back to recovery mode and select the Zip file. after reboot it was updated.
    :) :)

  58. numu

    my phone can’t restart !!! what should i do???

  59. yhin

    camera cant connect. why?

  60. abhishek

    I cant download the ics zip from above link plsss tell mee how to download

  61. roberto

    my galaxy y in not working.. when i root it. it does not restarting. its hang up..it display only the welcome note.. what should i do ?!

  62. roberto

    response fast please..

  63. roberto

    my SD card does not read.. it appears..BCM21553-thunderbird and CDC obex data

  64. SAGAR

    i Installed this bt wifi cannot be turn on…..

  65. Laskin23

    Thank you Andy,
    I have successfully Installed the ICS Rom
    by rooting then using Clockworkmod, there is only one problem so far, Wi-Fi
    will not turn on, it only say’s Turning Wi-Fi on, and it just stays there, same with bluetooth, also there is no connection to my phone company, if you can fix this bug, it would be great!

    thanks again for this post!

  66. kumar rishu

    i upgaraded safely thnxx for tht but i have lost my navigation app from where to dowload it again

  67. kumar rishu

    i have galaxy y duos s6102 plzz help….

  68. Ajinkya

    which kernel is needed to install this rom…..???

  69. Durgesh

    i am don… but after complete this i want to install android 4.0.4 games in my mobile. this is not install what i do…

    sorry for my bad english

  70. GANESHA*-*

    how to install all setting

  71. manish

    can the technicians in service centre can upgrade the version

  72. aman

    my cm9 is not showing network

  73. avinash

    I rooted my galaxy y and update it in ice cream sandwich but now phone doesn’t start what to do now

  74. azlan

    how to manage this app

  75. Pras

    Is it also work for Galaxy Y SCH-i509 (CDMA)?

    • It has not been tested on the Galaxy Y CDMA version. You may try that out. If any issue occurs, you can always get back to your Stock Android using our Exclusive Process to Restore Galaxy Y.

  76. I root my mobile now i want to upgrade vesion so what i do and how i do.
    I download that file size is 106mb
    .. I Dont no steps
    please tell me steps im waiting

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