Upgrade Galaxy Y to Jelly Bean Android 4.1

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Now, upgrade your Galaxy Y to Jelly bean Android 4.1 This ROM is a customized version of the Jelly Bean Blast Rom for Galaxy Y (Thanks to Andy). This Jelly Bean Rom for Galaxy Y has been taken from other websites and made bug free. Its faster and better.

2 Short Notes on Galaxy Y Upgrade

  • Galaxy Y ICS Android 4.0 ROMs are unstable as the core Android 4.0 is used which has more hardware requirements than Galaxy Y can provide
  • Galaxy Y Jelly Bean Android 4.1 ROM is basically based on Android 2.3 with custom classes taken from Jelly Bean like the Jelly Bean Gallery and a few core services like tethering. Know more below

What does the Jelly Bean for Galaxy Y provide?

  • Jelly Bean Launcher
  • Jelly Bean Lock
  • Latest Google Apps package – Play Store, Play Music and Play Movies with new Maps
  • Link2SD App added and removed Jelly Bean App Manager (as it uses more RAM making the ROM unstable)
  • DSP Manager
  • Free Swype Application
  • Jelly Bean Gallery and Notification Panel
  • Android 4.1 Animations exists (but suggested not to enable them)
  • Overall, looks like the latest Android Jelly Bean
  • Crap Apps removed
  • Completely Stable and Bug Free

Notes before upgrading Galaxy Y to Android 4.1

Steps to install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Y

  1. Download the files from links (above) in the previous section
  2. Copy the Jelly Bean ROM and CWM.zip to your SD Card at the root folder (i.e. no folder)
  3. Place the rom zip file in your sd card. Do not place it in any folders!
  4. Switch off your Galaxy Y
  5. Turn on your Galaxy Y in Download mode using Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together
  6. Use Volume Up/Down keys18
  7. Select the CWM.zip from from SD card
  8. Wipe data in Cache in the ClockworkMod recovery
  9. In CWM_bla_bla recovery, wipe data and cache.
  10. Install the Jelly Bean ROM from SD Card
  11. Select JELLYBLASTV3.signed.zip
  12. Select “Yes” to install
  13. Reboot your phone and check for the new Jelly Bean on Galaxy Y

jelly bean on galaxy y androidhardwares.com

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