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Unroot and fix your Galaxy Y using ODIN: Unbrick to Gingerbread

unroot galaxy y androidhardwares.comSo, here’s what many users were waiting for. Some Galaxy Y ROMS over the internet have been reported to be unstable and users have been trying hard to get back their Galaxy devices to normal condition. This has been due to the instability of ROMs for ICS upgrade in some Galaxy Y devices. While the same ROMs work fine for many, there are some devices which are coming up with innumerable bugs. But, rectifying so many bugs will take quite sometime. So, we have decided to show users the step by step process to get their Galaxy Y restored back to normal. By following this process you will be able to unroot your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and restore it back to the factory default Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS.

Reported Bugs of Galaxy Y:

  1. Stuck up at the Samsung Logo (Samsung Logo stuck after Galaxy upgrade to ICS? – Correct here)
  2. Not rebooting
  3. Showing Half Keyboard
  4. Error messages shown as the Galaxy Y boots up

Irrespective of the type of bug that you have, following the steps below will unroot your Galaxy Y. Install the default Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS and bring back your smartphone to normal.

Required items to unroot your Galaxy Y:


The process to restore your Galaxy Y:

  1. Extract the Official Android 2.3 Gingerbread ZIP file to S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5 on a folder on your desktop
  2. Run the downloaded Odin tool as Administrator
  3. Check One Package, Auto Reboot and Protect OPS checkbox in Odin Tool (See Screenshot below)
  4. Click on OPS and select the Cooper OPS (See Screenshot below)
  5. Click on One Package and select the Official Android ZIP md5 that you extracted in Step 1 (See Screenshot below)
  6. Do NOT change other options and keep ODIN on your PC running
  7. Switch off your Galaxy Y and reboot in Recovery mode by pressing Home button, Volume Down button and Power button together
  8. Connect your Android to your Computer via USB as soon as Recovery mode starts up
  9. ODIN should show up your Galaxy Y connected (If it does not connect it means the ODIN version is not compatible. Click here to get a list of other ODIN versions)
  10. When ODIN shows connected, Click Start and wait for around 10 minutes to see the message PASS
  11. On your Galaxy Y, enter into Recovery Mode again (holding Home+Power together this time)
  12. You can browse using Vol up/down keys. Select Wipe Data/Factory Data and then Wipe Cache Partition.
  13. Reboot your Phone. Your phone should be restored back to Normal.

odin for galaxy y androidhardwares.com

Do drop in a note of Thanks in comments if you have got your Galaxy Y fixed.

If you have any Questions regarding this, please Ask Andy.

OR you may follow the process below too:

Exclusive: Restore Samsung Galaxy Y to Stock

86 Responses

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  2. ab

    oh that cooper is for s5830 nt for galaxy y and my phone just hangs on galaxy y logo nt even displaying recovery mode

  3. arvin

    I’m using odin3 v1.85 cause its not the odin u gave is not compatible
    .. the buttons and function of odin3 v1.85 is dfrent from yours what should I do because I can’t follow the steps u give

  4. mark

    odin does not read ops

  5. silas

    did anyone manage to use odin to get thier galaxy y back to original? please help!

    • silas

      Odin 4.42 does not detect Galaxy Y
      So i downloaded odin 1.85

      I tired random directions but cant get my phone back to original.
      Problem with ICS is keyboard does not fit on screen and the theme is just tooooooooo “unSamsung” and the flow and UI is unmanageable. Default font and colors to small.

      Please anyone tell me what to do to get the galaxy Y back to Original android version

  6. my galaxy y unroot process through odin is incomplete…
    In odin version version 1.85( for galaxy y ) some fields as(BOOTLOADER, PDA, PHONE , CSC )filling area require some downloads… please help me !!!

    Andy’s process no 10& 11 ie, (When ODIN shows connected, Click Start and wait for around 10 minutes to see the message PASS
    On your Galaxy Y, enter into Recovery Mode again (holding Home+Power together this time)) are not easy for me for my galaxy y

    please tell more for process no 10 ,11.
    thanks !
    please imedietley update some post , as fast as soon possible…

  7. pradeep

    if anyone succesfully unroot galaxy y thruogh odin please send post…
    i would be thankful for u.

  8. aya

    wooh..the odin multidownloader doesn’t detect galaxy y and the v1.85 don’t have the one package option..where do we go from here?

    • Avatar

      odin v4.42 (which u used…. to demonstrate) does not support galaxy y.

      Odin v1.85 does support galaxy y but it does not have an option to select ops…..
      please help us out of this, demonstrate how to unroot using odin v1.85


  9. mzma

    Need your help here..

    I try flash JellyblastV3 but the phone stuck at “SGY GT5360 image”. What ever I do the result was same. The phone can not turn off & can not go to recovery mode at all.. Do you have any idea to make the phone work back to normal?

    • gmeylz meyl

      Want to unroot your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to turn it in for warranty purpose? No problem, we’ll help you do just that. Once you’ve unrooted your device, your warranty will be reinstated and you should be able to present your device at the service center. So, let’s not waste time and get onto the procedure to unroot your device.
      I. Before You Begin:

      1. You should have rooted your device using the procedure given here.

      2. Your device needs to have at least 70% of battery life left.
      II. Downloading Required Files:

      1. Stock Firmware (Download the appropriate firmware for your device)

      2. Odin
      III. Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360:

      1. Place both the archives you downloaded to your Desktop.

      2. Extract files from both the archives to your Desktop.

      3. Double-click on the Odin executable file and it’ll launch.

      4. Click on PDA and select the Stock Firmware file you extracted to your Desktop.

      5. Checkmark the boxes that say Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.

      6. Leave the Repartition box unchecked.

      7. Turn OFF your device.

      8. Reboot the device into Download mode. To do so, simply hold down the Volume DOWN+Home+Power buttons together.

      9. Press Volume UP to continue.

      10. Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.

      11. Hit Start in the Odin and it’ll begin flashing the firmware.

      12. Once it’s done, your device will automatically reboot.

      13. And you’re all set!

      Cheers! Your device’s now back to the stock firmware and has no root access.

      If you need help with this procedure, please ask in the comments below.

  10. salman

    i tried to update my android version in galaxy y gts6102 and my phone is stuck at ‘samsung galaxy y dous gts6102′ for about 2 hours it has been in the same position and the odin tool does not support my phone and there is no compatible odin tool. what can i do now?? please help me.

  11. MG19

    I downloaded odin v1.85, downloaded required package, filled in the pit file with cooper then pda with the rom, odin didnt even start, i then tried filling in pda with pda file from rom, then bootloader, phone and csc, ticked both boxes, yellow box appeared, and again odin didnt work, where am i going wrong, please help been stuck at this for days.

  12. ArbY_23

    Sir, is there any ODIN versions you have other than those?? I’ve tried all of those but it can’t detect my Galaxy Y. Thanks in advance

  13. ANIT

    when i click on odin to start it says to check phones is connected

  14. shanib

    i have my samsung gal.axy y update new virtion its error on softwere missing help…

  15. jazzjepoy

    how long does it usually take? the whole process of restoring GB using ODIN 1.83. Cause i’m still in the set-up connection part.. reply please

  16. Allan

    i m mot getting those boot file and mordem file what should i do

  17. nightly builder

    this works for sure 100% tested taken from xda developers credits to them beer for me LOL

    [GUIDE] Flash/Revive your Galaxy Y through ODIN v3.07 (including ext4 bricks!)

    any people brick their phones by flashing ROM’s and stuff (like ext4 converter)….
    This is how to revive phones which are soft-bricked.
    ||||||||||||| WINDOWS ONLY!!!!! |||||||||||||

    A> On your computer
    Samsung Driver Pack for Mobile Phones (x86 and x64)
    download link

    this zip file, which contains latest ODIN v3 3.07 and totoro_0623.pit (For Repartitoning, which is done in case of file system change [like ext4 FS])

    download link http://d-h.st/1TM

    1.Power off the phone/Make sure its off!
    2.Go into DOWNLOAD Mode.

    1.After turning your phone off, press these keys together (A warning screen should show up):

    Power Off + Volume Down + Home (Middle Button)
    NOTE: Do not press Volume Up, right now on the Download mode’s warning screen.
    C> On your computer

    3.Open Odin3.exe
    download link for rom
    5.Extract the zip file, you will get:
    6.Browse in PDA Section and select PDA_xxxx.tar
    7.Browse in CSC Section and select CSC_xxxxx.tar
    8.Browse in MODEM Section and select PHONE_xxxxx.tar
    9.Connect your Galaxy Y through USB.

    D> On your Samsung Galaxy Y

    1. Hit Volume Up on Warning screen,

    E> On your computer

    1.Make sure phone is connected through USB, you must see Blue 0:[COMxx] in the first ID:COM and “Added” in the message box.


    1.Check the Re-Partition checkbox.
    2.In Re-Partition section ,click PIT and browse the totoro_0623.pit

    2.Hit Start!
    3.Wait and Voila! PHONE REVIVED!

  18. […] If you come across the Assasin ICS Theme for Galaxy Y which comes with Stock ROM, do not install it. Your phone should get bricked. If you need to unbrick, we are here to help-> Click to know how to Unbrick your Galaxy Y […]

  19. Gavesh

    still not working!! Failed!!

  20. Gurdeep singh

    My phone have been tottaly dead when i installed ics on my galaxy ace…how i resolve this problem please help me……plzzzzz

  21. hari

    not openning zip file close or breake r copy clipboard how to solve

  22. Cadwalader

    Is it really required to have atleast 70% battery life to operate this process?

  23. ayick13

    Wow! Thanks very much! I find this articel is very long time. ;)

  24. Ralp

    hi help my galaxy y was updated to nemesis 4.2.2 but din not work properly some missing pls help…how to remove nemesis 4.2.2?

  25. Malcolm Rodrigues

    All steps went just according to description. Only the reboot didn’t take place.
    Now my Samsung Galaxy Y SCH-I509 (CDMA) is completely dead.
    What to do?

  26. Sarah

    I have only recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Ace Gt5830. It was originally with Koodo but I unlocked it to switch to Virgin Mobile. I was having issues with texts not sending and the network not being recognized so I tried a few things to fix it. My mistake was downloading Cyanogenmod into my phone.

    I want to flash Gingerbread back onto it (which I have done before on this computer, so I know I had it working- I have all necessary drivers and Kies and everything), but the computer and Odin no longer recognize the phone. I believe this is due to the mod. Is there any way for me to get rid of this mod and back to the official Gingerbread version?

  27. anubhav

    i’m facing a different problem. i cant access even my recovery mode! It gets stuck right in the very beginning at the SAMSUNG logo….then after a while it asks to download an OS (That screen has a small ODIN written on top corner, if this is of any help?)

    Please help!!

  28. cheng

    i can’t connect my phone pz help me

  29. zZsOuLtZz

    Sup guys,I have succesful flash my Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 back to normal.
    First you need a odin3 v1.85. Link:http://www.4shared.com/zip/aVZRn6Jk/Odin3_v185.html

    Next download cooper_v1.0.ops. Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/t88vdo96ogwdsto/Cooper_v1.0.ops

    Then,download S5360_DXLL1_OLBLL1_DXLL1_by_SplitFUS2.zip

    Now we are ready to flash your SGY GT-S5360
    1.)Extract the S5360_DXLL1_OLBLL1_DXLL1_by_SplitFUS2.zip that you download and you will see 3 files:CSC_S5360_OLBLL1.tar.md5,MODEM_S5360_DXLL1.tar.md5,PDA_S5360_DXLL1.tar.md5.
    2.)Open you odin3 v1.85
    3.)Tick the PDA,PPHONE and CSC.
    4.)Place the 3 files into it. You may know how to place it.
    5.)Shut down your phone and go into odin mod(Down vol+Home+Power)
    6.)press up vol button and connect your phone to pc/lap top
    7.)Then it should connect,press start in the odin3 v1.85
    8.)When it finish,reboot your phone now.
    9.)If it came out the samsung opening movie and it keep on repeat,shut down your phone again.
    10.)Open odin3 v1.85 again,now you see a PIT? Place the cooper_v1.0.ops in it.
    11.)Open odin mod in your SGY GT-S5360 abd connect to your pc/lap top again.
    12.)When it connected,press the start.
    13.)When it’s done,reboot your phone now,now it can be sure to start up your phone.

  30. wabuwabu

    i have tried this custom rom and found that it has a lot of bugs to be fixed. i.e. half keyboard, no network signal, cant access wifi, no google play, camera doesnt work, settings always force closed. i have tried installing it many times but the problem still persist.

  31. ricoedoh

    success!!!!! thanks a lot! u the best!

  32. rohit jhangdi

    sir my galaxy y duos gt s 6102 has been bricked after installing transformers custom rom and it stucks in samsung galaxy duos gt s 6102 logo
    how can i unbrick it now please help sir

  33. suneel ranaut

    Hi, I like your website.
    It helped me reverting back to ginger bird 2.3.6 for samsung galaxy ace gt s5830 fromm ice, which was very slow with error issues.
    Very simple and well explained steps.
    Thanx a lot. Keep up the good job.

  34. […] the motherboard probly isnt necessary. there are some unbrick guides out there….. —> http://androidhardwares.com/root-your-android/unroot-and-fix-your-galaxy-y-using-odin-unbrick-to-gin… heres how to get into recovery for your phone. —> pull your battery and wait for a spell […]

  35. rmahato50

    i have SAMSUNG S5360 i rooted my phone to jelly4.1 bean but it had some problem so i want my previous gingerbread 2.3 back so how i could get back
    i tried so many times but fail signal is showing. i tried odin 1.85 and 3.07 not working. i am giving PDA,MODEM CSC and PIT not working…
    i tried this versions S5360_DDLA3_ODDLA2_DDLA2_by_Doky_rev1_2
    not working….
    please help
    following meassage is showing

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Set PIT file..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    __XmitData_Read ..
    XmitData Fail..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  36. Vanisha Kaur

    You need update this tutorial, but worked for me thanks

  37. manikanta

    while unbricking sgy odin is stucks with a statement of inisialiging

  38. Arbaaz

    when i go to download mode and try to connect to my pc nothing happens.
    It is just stuck on downloading…

  39. Arafat Arno

    Yeppi……tnx android hardwares …… if anyone need help…..just e-mail me …. arafatarno@gmail.com

  40. Srinivas P

    Thanks buddy..got my phone back:):)

  41. peggy widjaja

    My pc wont detect my cable data from my samsung galaxy young please help me.i cant revive my samsung :'(

  42. jason

    i have question.. if i root the samsung galaxy y is the warranty will gone, in incase if the phone is damage?

  43. jason

    just email me the answere in my email add

  44. aditya

    what version of odin should i get for galaxy y dous 6102

  45. xanial

    zZsOuLtZz , i have followed ur steps until the PIT part.. how long should i wait until it is finished? it says “do not turn off the target” at the end, how should i know when it is finish?

  46. Thank you for applying time to compose “Unroot and fix your Galaxy Y using ODIN: Unbrick to Gingerbread – Android Hardwares”. Thanks a ton once again -Colleen

  47. Junri

    after i upgrade my samsung galaxy y 2.3. to.. 4.0.. it works fine but what i was wandering is that.. there were no other keypad typos.. which is only swype .., i want to change my keypad type. to 3×4 keypad type.. coz i dont like my keypad like QWERTY… i want it like ABC, DEF, and etc…

    ANyone help??

    Please reply….

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