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The want for Vanilla Android: Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

The Vanilla Android

The latest is all we want but we do not get it. Why? Because, the latest does not keep up to expectations in this fast paced world. The ICS you buy is old soon enough and the Jelly Bean becomes old with a 4.2 soon. People try rooting their phones. Some get them bricked and some cross the lines with an upgraded phone but a buggy one. Well, whatever the ROM may be, its 99% sure that ROMS available from XDA or for free always have bugs. One cannot simply compare them with the OTA upgrades or ROMS available from manufacturers.

So, the solution??? Go for the Vanilla Android versions. Get the stock Android from Google as soon as it is released. It comes without any crappy manufacturer apps preloaded. It comes fresh and without any core Android system overload. And, on top of it you get the best of the latest Android.

So, go for

Nexus 4 –  a 4.7″  device from Google (Category: Smartphone)


Nexus 7 – a 7″ device from Google (Category: 7 inch tablets) (Check on the Nexus 7 Link; else, sorry its unavailable due to too high demand)


Nexus 10 – a 10″ device from Google (Category: 10 inch tablets) (Same as above, currently unavailable or check for the link)


The fact is that Nexus 4 is the only available device with Vanilla Android (Dated 1st March, 2013). Hunt for only Vanilla Androids.


4 Responses

  1. haider

    Hey Andy, I have a Sony xperia u it is currently running gingerbread
    When I try to upgrade it. It tells it already has the latest software
    How can I upgrade to ics or any other plz hel:-)p n also tell if ics is slower than gingerbread.

  2. haider

    How can I upgrade my xperia u to ics and might I ask that a few many apps I downloaded won’t run n display that no su binary found
    I hrd it is rqrd for upgrading also
    Plz help :-)

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