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Root and Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 to Android ICS and more

root samsung galaxy pocket androidhardwares.comThe Samsung Galaxy Pocket is one of the better quality low-budget android phones worth its price. With the wonders of Android available at such a low price, rooting and upgrading your Galaxy Pocket would definitely pave the way for a more customized and rich Android experience. Moreover, rooting an upgrading your Galaxy Pocket gives you the option to remove useless apps provided by Samsung, thereby freeing up the internal 3 GB disk space and making your device faster for a multitasking experience. This guide with show you the steps to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Pocket using only your USB Cable and Odin Flasher (will be explained later).

You would need to download the following first:

Extract the ZIP files above and install the drivers files.

  Steps to Update the firmware:

  1. Start the Odin Flasher that has already been downloaded and extracted.
  2. Look for the options  Re.PartitionAuto RebootF.Reset Time.
  3. Click on the PIT button and select coriemmc_0117.pit file.
  4. Click on BOOTLOADER and select DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5.
  5. Click on the PDA button and select PDA_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
  6. Click on the PHONE button and select MODEM_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
  7. Click on the CSC button and select GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5
  8. Startup the phone in Recovery mode pressing the volume down, Power up and Home button together.
  9. Connect your Galaxy Pocket to your Computer via USB cable.
  10. Wait for the Odin flasher to detect your phone’s COM port number.
  11. Click on the Start button and grab a cup of coffee.
  12. Sit back and sip your coffee.
  13. Odin will automatically reboot your phone.
  14. You can now disconnect the phone from your PC.

Enjoy your Rooted and upgraded Samsung Galaxy Pocket. You can now install any custom ROM or upgrade it to Android ICS as soon as any ROM comes up.


60 Responses

  1. ice”) == “GT-B7510″ ||
    .product”) == “GT-B7510″
    E:Error in /tmp/sideload//
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted.

  2. Billy

    Hey where do I get that PDA, BOOTLOADER, PHONE, CSC files, that’s not included in the .zip files I downloaded. LINK PLS

    • admin

      You can get the files after extracting the md5 downloaded from the S5300 original firmware package.
      Pit link is given separately in the steps.

  3. Badee Bittar

    what is ics firmare?

  4. Badee Bittar

    please help me to upgrade my samsung galaxy pocket GT-S5300

  5. Badee Bittar

    what is the link to upgrade samsung galaxy pocket to ICS

    • JASON

      u cannot upgrade to ics version u can mostly upgrade ur phone till the last updated version og gt-s5300 that is 2.3.6

  6. Rahat

    Plz tell how to extract .md5 file

  7. Apfiwaho


    1. DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5.
    2. PDA_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
    3. MODEM_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
    4. GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5

  8. How can i update my samsung galaxy pocket (gt5300) to ics.

    • admin

      Hi Tonmoy,

      We will come up with an article describing the steps to upgrade your Galaxy Pocket to ICS. We are currently working on fixing some ROM issues built for Galaxy Pocket. Once the rom is ready, we will upload it soon.

      Admin Team

  9. siddharth

    My phone is not even getting detected. i wasted my time in this..

  10. Akshat

    Hey admin,
    My Galaxy Y Pocket (GT-S5300) is already rooted.
    Do I still have to follow the above process just to upgrade my Gingerbread to ICS..??

  11. hisham

    Help i installed ICS rom on my galaxy pocket

    but when i press lockscreen button it turns to white screen instead of turning off that screen

    so i decided to get back to GB but theres no USB mode and my SD card isnt detected anymore please help!

    • Vignesh Kanna

      hi hisham..
      i hv encountered dis same problem when i tried “jellyblast V3″ rom in my pocket GTS5300. in worse case, bluetooth may not work and sim will not work.. this is bcoz u hv installed incompatible rom.. try to flash stock rom using odin..
      nice day :)

  12. ali

    Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket Firmwares whic is for pocket

  13. jonie

    i dont know how to upgrade my samsung S5300 galaxy pocket

  14. Niamgailung


    1. DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5.
    2. PDA_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
    3. MODEM_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
    4. GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5

  15. Niamgailung

    PLEASE HELP.. how to download this file?
    please give me a firmware?

    1. DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5.
    2. PDA_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
    3. MODEM_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
    4. GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5

  16. aPIPA

    A little problem what if the installation does not work right and it says failed so what am i to do? Some files are not to be found or named as such only one file found…

  17. kenneth

    admin can you help me.. my samsung galaxy pocket.. the home key did not work what would i do?

  18. prince

    can it harm for our phone plz tell me this it have any resk to rooting The android plz tell us admin…?

  19. ashton

    none of the top links work

  20. emon

    hi admin,
    my phone is galaxy(gt300) every thing is in my phone but the back or option tuch is not working…home buton also good…display tuch is right…but back or option key tuch is not working…now what can i do to solve it?? tell me sollution…plz…plz…plz…….by..

  21. 3mptyheart

    When i tried this on my samsung pocket,,it was not working

  22. JASON

    u all can download the firmware from here who ever phone has bricked or not working or not responding:-
    Samsung Galaxy Firmware : ­
    Samsung USB Drivers : ­
    Odin3v1.87 with : ­ and then rest do the same as he told in the page..

    • ali

      hello jason i want to ask u abot the other file which are not included in the pack

      • JASON

        The files u r talking is not in the pack if ur phone is bricked please follow these steps:-

        1. Install Samsung USB drivers to
        your PC.

        2.Extract the Firmware That you want to install on your Phone. the
        *use Winrar or 7zip for Extracting

        3.Extract the Odin3v1.87 with
        *use Winrar or 7zip for Extracting

        4. After Installing and Extracting the files
        Open Odin3v1.87.exe Then Click On PIT BUTTON then Look For S5300_coriemmc_0117.pit File From The that you extracted earlier.

        5.Click On PDA BUTTON then Look For tar.md5 From The Firmware that you extracted earlier.
        (In my case its S5300XXLJ4_S5300OXXLJ3_RST_S5300XXLJ4_HOME.tar.md5)

        6. Turn Off Your Phone and Go to DOWNLOAD MODE/ODIN MODE By Holding (Volume DOWN + Home button + Power Button )
        There are two Options

        press Volume up to continue .


        7. Now Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable. To know that your Phone is Connected, there is a Color Yellow in the port box, an ID:COM that indicates that Your Phone is detected by ODIN
        and Click Start !!! and Dont Touch Your Phone , Dont Disconnect your usb Cable From your PC . wait Until The Box Above (the ID:COM) turns Green And it Says SUCCESS ! and also Wait For your Phone To Reboot/Restart automatically And Thats it ! Congratulations !! you now Change Your phone’s Baseband Version and your Phone is REVIVE !

  23. thirdy

    what is odin mode when rooting my phone

  24. thirdy

    what is odin mode when rooting my phone please help me

  25. Jorge

    i need help immediately. when i was upgrading to ics via odin, it failed and now ma phone won’t start.

  26. Ale

    Is this working please leave me a comment

  27. gamerandroide

    can i update my galaxy pocket to android jellybean?
    can you help me please?

  28. najiib

    Odin flasher could not detect my phone’s COM port number.


  29. can dis damage the fone and if it does s there any solution.reply 2 my

  30. loy

    how to reset all this?..
    back from its baseband orginal version? pls reply

  31. krizna

    nek uwis terus pye?

  32. Ravi

    I have download the but opened no apps in list displayed
    plz help me…..

  33. amino acid

    Hi there! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept talking about this. I’ll send this post to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Sean

    I cant extract the “HOME” file… 7zip and winrar are not working!

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