Root and Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 to Android ICS and more

root samsung galaxy pocket androidhardwares.comThe Samsung Galaxy Pocket is one of the better quality low-budget android phones worth its price. With the wonders of Android available at such a low price, rooting and upgrading your Galaxy Pocket would definitely pave the way for a more customized and rich Android experience. Moreover, rooting an upgrading your Galaxy Pocket gives you the option to remove useless apps provided by Samsung, thereby freeing up the internal 3 GB disk space and making your device faster for a multitasking experience. This guide with show you the steps to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Pocket using only your USB Cable and Odin Flasher (will be explained later).

You would need to download the following first:

Extract the ZIP files above and install the drivers files.

  Steps to Update the firmware:

  1. Start the Odin Flasher that has already been downloaded and extracted.
  2. Look for the options  Re.PartitionAuto RebootF.Reset Time.
  3. Click on the PIT button and select coriemmc_0117.pit file.
  4. Click on BOOTLOADER and select DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5.
  5. Click on the PDA button and select PDA_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
  6. Click on the PHONE button and select MODEM_S5300xxxxx_REV04.tar.md5
  7. Click on the CSC button and select GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5
  8. Startup the phone in Recovery mode pressing the volume down, Power up and Home button together.
  9. Connect your Galaxy Pocket to your Computer via USB cable.
  10. Wait for the Odin flasher to detect your phone’s COM port number.
  11. Click on the Start button and grab a cup of coffee.
  12. Sit back and sip your coffee.
  13. Odin will automatically reboot your phone.
  14. You can now disconnect the phone from your PC.

Enjoy your Rooted and upgraded Samsung Galaxy Pocket. You can now install any custom ROM or upgrade it to Android ICS as soon as any ROM comes up.


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