Music Square on all Samsung Galaxy Devices

If Android has made lives better, Samsung has taken them to another level. With all new features that started with Android 1.5, the latest Android 4.2 has taken everything to an all new level of ease and usability. Samsung, who is the largest maker of Android phones has brought out the best devices with the best possible features. Starting from Wireless charging to eye tracking sensors on Galaxy S3, to S Voice, Samsung has made lives of Android users easier.

There are a lot of features that may not have still been explored or highlighted. Among them is the Music Square feature available on all Samsung Galaxy Devices with Android ICS and above.

What does Music Square do?

Music Square can play a song depending on your mood. We do not find it comfortable to change song types and set playlists among a thousand songs on our Android. Music Square simply lets you select your mod based on Passionate, Exciting, Joyful and Calm on a 5 X 5 square matrix. You may simple choose squares from a mood axis or choose crossovers for a little variety. You can also change Music Square to Time-based axis i.e. Old, New, Calm and Exciting which works as suggested.

How do you access Music Square?

Music Square is installed in the default Media Player in Samsung Galaxy devices. Just goto the Homescreen of your Media Player and choose Music Square. Let the device scan your playlist and set songs according to the axis-es. It is automatic. You may now just relax back and choose your squares for a smart music experience.

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