Exclusive: Restore Samsung Galaxy Y to Stock

default_2This is a Galaxy Y exclusive from Android Hardwares Admin Team. There are Android ROMs over the internet which worked on some Galaxy Y devices and failed on some. Some got bricked and some are working fine. Well, the reason why most people faced this problem is because Galaxy Y has very low hardware specs and thus it is always unstable when you try Android ICS. Now, here we will just restore Samsung Galaxy Y to stock version. So, it will fix your phone even if its bricked. Well, if the hardware is damaged, none can help. But, most likely your Galaxy Y is soft-bricked, if you have been trying rooting and ROMs only.

Advantages of this method

  • Smooth and Easy process
  • Fix Samsung Boot Loop issue
  • Fix any Galaxy Y issues (as it moves back to stock Samsung ROM)
  • Dedicated Support via Mail, Comments and Facebook from Admin Team (Since, its exclusive)
  • Move from Android 2.3.5 to Android 2.3.6 using this process
  • 100% Safe
  • Support over Skype Video Call (You won’t need this until you are a true novice)

So, let’s cut the crap and get to the point. Follow the steps below to restore your Galaxy Y to stock.


  1. Backup all data (If your phone is not bricked)
  2. Have a minimum charge of 80%
  3. Remove SIM Card
  4. Remove External Memory Card

Steps to Restore Samsung Galaxy Y to Stock

  • Download the ZIP archive containing all necessary file and extract all files
  • Install Kies on you PC (Download Here)
  • Switch Off Phone (or re-insert battery if bricked) and Turn ON using Volume Down + Center Key + Power Button
  • Use USB cable to connect your Galaxy Y to PC and run Odin3_v1.84 from AndroidHardwares.com
  • ODIN will recognize your device and ID:COM will turn Yellow saying added
  • Select the needed files from the ZIP archive as follows:
  • PIT – “totoro_0623.pit”
  • BOOTLOADER – “BOOT” file.
  • PDA – “PDA” file .
  • PHONE – “MODEM” file.
  • CSC – “GT-s5360-MULTI-CSC” file.
  • Click on Start and Wait for the process to complete

retore galaxy y to stock rom androidhardwares.com

  • Once successful, PASS will appear

Any issues!!! You will get full support from us.

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