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The invention of computer and other such electronic devices have proved to be quite beneficial for mankind.  As we know that computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data according to the instructions given to it in a variable form. It has made a man’s life easier in many ways but sometimes a virus or any malfunction happens in a computer which destroys the functioning of a computer system. In this article, we are going to put light on the viruses that enters in computer and destroys its functioning and how these viruses are removed.

Computer virus:

Sometimes computer stops functioning correctly or any kind of virus enters in its system. Virus is a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and has a destroying effect on a computer’s system. Computer virus destroys the functioning of a system by replicating its code on its own and giving the system wrong orders. Computer viruses can easily spread from one computer to another; this happens by using network connections which destruct computer’s files and installs software on their own which can steal money and other information from another computer as well.

Computer virus does not defect the functioning of a whole computer system rather it defects particular areas. On the basis of these areas or sites computer virus differs from one another. There is resident virus, multipartite virus, direct action virus, browser hijacker, overwrite virus and many other such viruses.   

Virus removal technique:

We know that virus does takes place in computer systems and hinders its functioning but the thing that we want to know is how to remove these viruses. Various methods of virus removal are used to remove such viruses. Virus removal Campbelltown is a method in which manually or automatically the computer virus is deleted or disinfected. Any kind of malware or malicious program is emptied or removed from the computer process. This process is applied to protect a computer from data corruption, loss or any kind of system inaccessibility. 

There are various techniques that are used to eliminate virus from computer system and can have for hard drive recovery. Some people use Rkill to terminate suspicious programs while others use malware bytes to remove Trojans, root kits or other forms of malware. There are some people who use hitman pro to scan for browser hijackers and adware. The methods of virus removal keeps varying according to the person’s choice and the kind of virus detected on the system.


Computer is an electronic devices that stores and processes data according to the given instructions. However, sometimes virus enters into the computer system which terminates the functioning of specific part of computer. This virus starts giving wrong orders to the computer which is why it needs to be removed immediately. Virus removal is the method in which manually or automatically the virus is removed from the system by using different techniques or software like malware bytes, Rkill, etc.  “Techie gurus” provides the best virus removal or antivirus software.

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